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URIID, Eco-friendly

URIID, Eco-friendly

URIID Green Team

Being a part of the world's "green team" is no longer just an option, but a duty you have to follow in order for our planet and for us to continue living and enjoying our life.

How often do you think about the environment?
How serious is the situation in the world?

The URIID Green Team is well aware of how serious this situation is and that something needs to be done right now.
The world can be changed!
It's important to start with yourself!

You too can join the URIID Green Team and start changing the world for better.
They say "Any meaningful life change starts with habit change"
Here are 3 healthy habits that will help you change and save the world:




Plastic can be recycled, but did you know that it is not always recycled the right way?

There are 6 types of plastic and new combinations of plastic, unfortunately, are not recycled.


Before throwing an item made of plastic into the plastic bin, make sure you throw away each piece individually. If there is a label on the package, it must be thrown away separately.


Even if a specialized company handles the disposal, the recycling costs are so high that it is quite difficult to make new product containers from disposed ones.


Think about how you can use your skincare bottle in another way, for example, decorating your home.


We think you would agree that the vital thing in product delivery is that your product comes to you safe and sound. You don't always pay attention to what the product is packaged in, right?

From our position, from the position of the brand, we want to remain clean in front of the mother nature.


If you order any URIID product, we will ship it to you in 100% recyclable packaging.

Purchase URIID products and become a part of URIID Green Team.