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Ampoule stick and collagen capsules - what does it all mean?

Ampoule stick and collagen capsules - what does it all mean?

❓ What is URIID Neroli Garden Ampoule stick?

URIID Neroli Garden Ampoule stick is an innovative product developed in the URIID lab. It is not just a highly concentrated ampoule in stick form, it is a little bit more.

❓  Main benefits: 

✔ Intensive moisturizing

✔ Hydrating

✔ Soothing 

✔ Fine lines and wrinkle care and prevention

❓ What's special about it?

⭐ Collagen Capsules

Inside each Neroli Garden Ampoule-stick, you can spot small capsules as you apply the product. We call these "Neroli Capsules" as they are small skin-friendly capsules that melt as they touch the skin. 

 Each tiny capsule contains 10,000 ppm Neroli oil and is sealed with collagen to deliver the best anti-aging results.


URIID Neroli Garden Ampoule-stick is a concentrated product. 

Neroli extract is a unique and expensive ingredient known for its properties to smooth wrinkles, intensively moisturize and hydrate skin. Click and read more about Neroli oil.

The amount of Neroli extract in Ampoule-stick is simply incredible. This extract is spotted both, inside the "Neroli Capsules" (10,000 PPM) and in the ampoule stick itself (10,000PPM). 

* PPM - parts per million. It is a type of measurement unit of concentration. It represents part of the total number in units of 1/1,000,000 (million). 

Only one bottle of Ampoule Stick carries all good 100 bottles of serum. Neroli oil concentration on a max capacity, but kept safe for the skin and went through many skin safety tests. 

P.S. make sure to do a patch test before you fully incorporate Neroli Garden Ampoule Stick into your skincare routine.


In the ampoule stick, we have collected only the highest quality ingredients. The best professionals in the skincare industry in Korea carefully selected ingredients and created the product that performs the best on the skin and is safe to use. All the ingredients are 100% natural and safe.

8 ingredients "Premium Black"

① Black bee propolis (photoprotection)

② Black rose extract

③ Black truffle (antioxidant)

④ Blackcurrant (reducing inflammation)

⑤ Black rice extract

⑥ Black Sesame Extract

⑦ Black bean extract

⑧ Western raspberry extract

 4 types of Royal Honey Extract

① Canola Honey Extract (hydrate + lock the moisture)

② Royal Jelly Extract (high vitamin B concentration, maintaining healthy and glowy skin)

③ Acer Palmatum Leaf Extract (rich in vitamins and minerals, nourishing)

④ Manuka Honey Extract (contains vitamin B complex B1, B2, B6 + pantothenic acid, healthy and fresh-looking skin)



The soft, oily but not greesy texture helps moisturize and nourish the skin. It keeps it smooth and hydrated for up to 100 hours (according to the results of a 2019 study, in Korea).

An easy-to-carry-around stick type package allows you to always have it with you for SOS hydration help. Ampoule-stick can be used on top of make-up.